Thursday, November 6, 2014

November 6. Day 310. Dressed to impress

It is most unlikely that anyone would want, need or benefit from my fashion advice but here goes.
Less is more. Here I am not talking about clothes I am talking about skin. It really is better to hint at what you've got rather than let it all hang out and it you have to hold any bit of your clothing to keep it nice, if you have to keep pulling it up or pulling it down might be best to try something else. Start with a blank canvas and then embellish with splashes of colours and just a bit of bling. Look at Brisbane at dusk, How pretty is that. During the day when everything is on show, it's not so nice. Hide a bit at twilight, tease rather than flash and throw in a few lights and the effect is stunning. And with the late afternoon storm brewing there was another lesson from Susan's small guide to spring clothing - layers. The sky was a veritable a Sara Lee strudel of old  - layer upon layer upon layer (look it up kiddies). Pretty as a picture

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