Thursday, November 20, 2014

November 20. Day 324. Gasp!

You have to laugh. No, really you do.
And one day I may look back on this week and laugh but I can't see that happening without a lot of therapy and even more mind altering substances. It has not been kind. But there was a diamond in the rough of the week. Tonight we got to escape the confines of assessment stress and head to the theatre. A comedy was just what the doctor ordered (although I've yet to find a way to bill it to the national health system, more's the pity). When it comes to comedy my fancy is well and truly tickled by a good bit of political satire and the tradition that comes out of Britain is a personal favorite. So being in the opening night crowd of Ben Elton's reworked play Gasp at QPAC was most exciting especially since the great man himself was in the audience and joined the cast on stage for the bows. Truth is this play will not have you laughing so hard you gasp but it is intelligent, at times silly, genuinely funny with the occasional snort moment. It's good and while not great the biting satire, contemporary political references and occasional sledge hammer humour make for a great night out. Like I said, you have to laugh.

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