Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24. Day 328. Open wide

 I have no idea what the birds were up to at the University of Queensland Lakes this afternoon but I suspect it was some kind of mating ritual. There was a lot of puffing up feathers, flapping about, screeching and beak to beak action. All in all not that unlike a Valley nightclub in the early hours of Saturday morning if my very dodgy memory serves me correctly. The thing is, while these types of rituals doubtless look very sexy for those involved, they look somewhat ridiculous from the outside. Just look at the behaviour of drunken teens on a night out. Most unattractive to those of us too old to ooze sex hormones. And so it was with these birds. I can not say for sure why there would be meeting of beaks but it looked kind of unappealing - much like going to the dentist and trying to have a conversation while someone prises open your mouth. Perhaps because I spent the morning taking my neighbour Margaret to the dentist, that's exactly what the bids reminded me of what with lots of flapping about and mouths open wide, Didn't stick around to see if they got to spit out afterwards.

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