Saturday, November 8, 2014

November 8. Day 312. Froth and bubble

If I had to put dots on a map identifying the outdoor party spaces in and around the CBD I know South Bank, Roma Street Parklands and the Botanic Gardens would get great big stickers. The lawn beside the law courts not so much. To tell you the truth, if the location next to the court buildings and across the road from the police headquarters were not enough to deter you, the artwork of giant eyes squinting, staring and peering at you Big Brother-like from the walls would do the trick. This is a space where lawyers and those who fall foul of the law hang during court recess - well normally. This week after the legal eagles have gone home the party has kicked into place. There's pumping disco beats and circus performers in giant inflatable bubbles. Disco lights pulse, the bubble machine is working overtime and giant artworks are projected on the adjoining buildings. Just to add to the fun, families sitting on the lawns are issued with hula hoops and kids giggle as they watch mum and dad or grandma and grandpa try to reclaim a long lost skill. It's a bit of froth and bubble but a huge amount of fun. Long may the G20 party games continue.

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