Tuesday, November 11, 2014

November 11. Day 315. At face value

 If there's one thing I've learned over the years (and some days I'm convinced there is only one thing I've learned) it's that if you are pleasant and prepared to give people time generally they will reciprocate. People do like a chat more so if you happen to be in the company of something small and furry. This afternoon I walked Rumple to Musgrave Park and he seemed rather intrigued by the unfamiliar sights and smells around the protesters and protest tents springing up in the lead up to the G20 this weekend. Everyone from the police officers to the protesters and the interested onlookers seemed keen to stop and talk. From the police, I learned that the iPhone maps app is G20 ready. From a member of one of the green groups I learned where you could get a good Chai Latte and  Indigenous protester Judy of Cherbourg showed me what a great character she is. Judy saw the camera around my neck and asked me to take a photo. She'd like a copy, she said and I could find her in the park any day this week. She also told me that her dog Sasha was not always friendly and it might be best for Rumple to keep his distance. But we should come back - and we will. It would be rude not to when everyone is so friendly.

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