Friday, November 28, 2014

November 28. Day 332. Puzzling behaviour

It is actually not all that uncommon for me to open the door on something that looks like a crime scene - I call that the teenager's bedroom. This being said while I have often thought a HAZMAT suit should be put on before entering, I have never expected to find a body - until today.
Today I took part in the latest sensational thing to do - the puzzle room. In a team you enter a room and have to solve a series of puzzles to gain the code needed to unlock the door and get out. You have an hour. I had a cunning plan. Stack the team. So there was an engineer, a vet, the journalist and two very bright teenagers - the scientific one and the wordsmith. We should be able to tackle this one, no worries. Supremely confident we entered the murder mystery puzzle room scenario and while we manage to piece together many pieces of the crime puzzle, no-one would have been convicted on our efforts.
It is a great disappointment to me that should they ever be recruiting for CSI Brisbane not one of us is likely to be getting the tap on the shoulder. My love of the crime shows (the realistic and Castle) has clearly not given me the skills I need. But you know what? Who cares? While we might still be in the room had we not used our clue cards no one of us left disappointed. It was a great team building activity, an awesome opportunity to puzzle solve and bottom line a huge amount of fun. Seems to be that it is no mystery why puzzle rooms are the in activity for those in the know.
The Puzzled Room Escape is located on Logan Road at Holland Park and is recommended for people aged 15 plus. Puzzle Tech Murder, the scenario we so spectacularly failed at, was rated 3/5 for difficulty. There's a harder puzzle Puzzled Academy with a daunting 4.5/5 difficulty rating. I think what I need is Puzzles for Dummies but perhaps that's another name for the daily game of which of these clothes on the floor-drobe is clean.

Seriously. With this lot, is it any wonder we didn't solve anything?

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