Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29. Day 333. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

One of the great joys at this time of year is heading into the city at night with the family to see the tree, the Christmas lights and the windows. It's an annual pilgrimage that says the holiday season has officially begun. The timing of this year's City Lights trip couldn't have been better. Today was also the day my baby boy visited Santa for his Santa Paws photo. It was also Day 1 of eight weeks holiday for the human baby and a friend of mine was singing at Saint John's Cathedral - all fine reasons to celebrate. While most of what I saw was awesome as expected, there was one very pleasant surprise. The nativity figures in St John's were all made of cardboard. I  couldn't find an attribution, this could only be the work of one man - Brisbane sculptor Terry Summers. A quick web search confirmed my suspicions.According to Summers' website his works include:
"Nativity"  Saint John's Cathedral, Brisbane.  The installation consists of eight larger than life, waste cardboard sculptures, which include the baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, three wise men, an angel and a donkey." Not only are they awesome to look at, they look absolutely in place surrounded by the stone and marble more commonly associated with Church architecture and religious art yet they are made of waste cardboard. We were not the only ones who had to have a really close look to confirm these were the cardboard cutout version of religious art. I think this is a perfect way to overcome some of the excesses of the church and at the same time deliver a perfect reduce, re-use, recycle message to young people without being to preach-y. Even more reason for the kids to get so much joy not from the gift but the box it comes in.


  1. What gorgeous things you have seen, the clock tower looks beautiful. #countrykids

  2. what a great trip out, it's definitely getting exciting and feeling like Christmas is really here. I love the idea of cardboard nativity sculptures, and that Christmas tree looks beautiful. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.