Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7. Day 311. Starry, Starry Night

Ok. It's wrong, but I have to admit to feeling a significant tinsy tiny bit of joy at seeing the faces of people admiring my new painting at an exhibition opening night and expressing disappointment at the red sold sticker. The Germans would call that schadenfreude, or happiness at the misfortune of others. I think a closer English translation might be suck shit. Call it what you will. The Chrysler Building by Brisbane artist Starr is coming home to my place and will join Story Bridge in Aqua, my other Starr painting, in the living room. I got in and secured this little beauty a couple of weeks ago prior to the exhibition opening. I saw it. I bought it. She who hesitates is not only lost but left to pick over the remains left after the art vultures descend.
I am one very lucky girl because my husband is a man with impeccable taste and judgement when it comes to art. He judges that if I like it I should have it. Starr 1, was his 15th wedding anniversary present to me. He was delighted to see it when I brought it home and let him watch me unwrap it. Starr 2, was for our 20th wedding anniversary and he was able to meet it and the artist tonight at the opening at Red Hill Art Gallery. Once again he liked what he saw (the painting that is, although it has to be said that Starr is easy on the eye and a delight to talk to about her art).Now there is this other wall that could do with something a bit Starry. I guess I'll have to wait for another five years.

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