Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28. Day 59. Hang on. It's the weekend

I need to be clear on this point. I do not have butter fingers. In my case the good oil fell not only on the digits of my hands but all the way up my arms. When they talk about someone who couldn't even catch a cold, I suspect they have me in mind. But even for me this week was worse than most where I felt like I dropped the ball more times than I rightfully should have. Of course, in this instance I speak not of the actual ball but my ability to keep a grasp on what was going on around me. I think we all have weeks like that. But Friday afternoon arrived and when others declared it beer o'clock I signaled the end of the working week by joining other families and their dogs in the park. There was running, jumping, ball catching (by others not me for the reasons stated above) and generally letting of steam. I might not be much of a catch but I do know that kicking about in the park on a Friday afternoon is a good way to get a grip and launch into the weekend.

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  1. As you say some days/weeks you can't wait for them to be over - we all have them at some point! What a great way to start the weekend off though - family fun at the park, I hope that next week is a better week for you. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.