Sunday, February 2, 2014

February 2. Day 33. Fabulous at fifty

I demand a recount. Somewhere, someone has got it terribly wrong. According to official figures, my (much) older sister Marie turned 50 today.
This can not be right on the following grounds
1) She does not look 50 - not even close
2) I'm second in the family and good Catholic parents squeezed out children rather quickly
3) Only last week we were on the school bus travelling to All Hallows' and desperately avoiding the smelly Terrace and St Columban's boys.
Remember when people who were 50 we SO OLD. While some days my body would think that is still true, most of the
indicators these days would have you think that 50 is not the new 40 but the new 30. Fifty really isn't that old (not that I;d ever tell Marie that).
The weird thing is that it doesn't seem to matter whether you are five, or 15 or 50 your older sister is always your older sister and that will always give her bossing rights. Some things never change and quite frankly who would want them to?
So happy birthday you dear old thing.
May you enjoy many, many more and may you start saving for a truly excellent present for my 50th. You have plenty of time (not).

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