Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27. Day 58. Nothing to crow about

There's this crow that hangs around the street near my house and let's be honest his appearance is nothing to crow about. So mangy is this little birdie you would swear someone had taken the expression "stone the crows" just a little bit too literally. He's become a talking point. "Have you seen that crow ..." the conversation starts and no-one is in any doubt as to which crow you are talking about. Frankly, there are days I know how he feels. I could say I always leave the house impeccably groomed - but not with a straight face. If I get run over by a bus I WILL be wearing clean undies but there may not be any make-up, it's possible I went to bed with wet hair and I may have adopted the IWIWIWI (I will iron while I wear it) approach to my clothing. The crows are probably talking about me "Have you seen that human whose hair looks like a bird's nest?" And there would be a knowing flapping of wings. Oh well, birds of a feather ...

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  1. yeah i know him i think margaret has taken him under her wing