Wednesday, February 19, 2014

February 19. Day 50. Do you know what bugs me?

Some people are just like insects. The buzz around making whiny noises in a way that can only be designed to get attention. I'm sure they think this "look-at-me" behaviour is just part of surviving in a world where everyone takes selfies and tweets what they had for lunch. Not so. We can all self publish but that doesn't mean constantly self publicising. No really, it is not all about you. The squeaky wheel might get the most oil but eventually the creepy crawly must come off second best in a fight with a fly swatter, Except they never do. I shall not go into what little flea is giving me a skin irritation today but I will say I am a slow learner. Some times you have to just walk away. An insect bite is never improved by giving it attention. You will inflame it. What started as an irritating little itch will soon be red and inflamed and probably end up getting causing a major infection. Just walk away and get yourself some calamine lotion. And eat chocolate, quickly, before the ants get it ...

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