Monday, February 17, 2014

February 17. Day 48. The whites and the colours

I sometimes think a dirty clothes imp is raiding my home at night and loading the clothes hamper with soiled smalls. It simply seems inconceivable that three people (and two dogs) can generate quite the amount of washing we do. And then I start thinking of days like today. Honestly I had more changes of clothing than the average fashion model (and let's be honest there was a great deal more fabric involved given that I am not quite a size zero). It's not that I'm being precious or indecisive. Nor is it that like the Story Bridge tonight I wanted to be decked out in all the colours of the rainbow. Quite frankly it's just life. Sweaty clothes, swim clothes, white clothes that came off second best in a conflict with the tomato sauce, work clothes, school meeting clothes, walking the dog clothes. When  you wear lots of hats you have to find the frocks that match (and get a washing machine capable of dealing with the fallout). Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. As to why the Story Bridge was looking like a gay icon tonight, well I guess you'll such have to ask the lighting operator. Perhaps there was an accident in the wash. * Turns out it was indeed no acciedent but a very noble cause, - Story Bridge lights up for Summer's Day which runs until March 3. Summer's Day is a day to remember all children who have lost their lives through 'accidents'. Summer's Day in named in memory of Summer Steer who swallowed a button battery.


  1. Hi Susan! I was at the Journalism orientation yesterday - lovely to meet the faculty and am very excited for class now! Now, I have a little bit of a scoop for you... I know why the bridge was lit up in rainbow! It's for Summer's Day - a day held in remembrance of a young girl named Summer who died swallowing a button battery. My mum works for Kidsafe Queensland and Summer's Day is a new national day they initiated for the 28th of February - so the lights on the bridge will be up until the 2nd of March. http://summersday.com.au/
    Your photo is spectacular - you should post it on the Kidsafe Queensland facebook page, I daresay it's better than their one!
    See you around uni!

    1. Welcome - this is an awesome initiative. shall be following up on that one. Are you related to Veronica?

    2. So you did - lovely to hear your mention of the day on 612ABC this morning! Not related to Veronica Eggleton unfortunately - as far as I know. That would be very cool.

  2. Magnificent as always!

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365