Sunday, February 16, 2014

February 16. Day 47. Jumping right in

I'm relatively sure some people think I have invented a husband. There's a lot of evidence I'm a mother and a crazy dog woman but not so much a wife. Regularly I am seen at the theatre with Drama Teen or walking the streets with the dog but not all that often out in public with my husband.Truth is we are busy people with busy lives and often if there is nothing in the calendar slouching on the couch is a very attractive option.
But sometimes you got to make time. You've just got to jump right in. So today we went to a posh class movie to see The Wolf of Wall Street because nothing says date like three hours of  screen sex, drugs and general men behaving badly.
In any event I would be happy to watch Leonardo DiCaprio in just about anything and in today's unforgiving heat three hours in air conditioning beat the alternative.
And we both stayed awake which is an added bonus. Back at home and the weather still as stifling as it had been hours earlier and the day still young there was nothing else for it but to jump in the pool.
If nothing else it was a reminder that you've got to make time.

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