Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23. Day 54. Lapping it up

It's fair to say Rumple was lapping up the attention today, and given he's a pampered pooch at the best of time that's really saying something.
If you overlook the one night stay at the vet after the incident that involved eating Nurofen Plus, the fur friend and I have not spent a single night apart since he arrived in our lives on April 1 last year. Until last night when I travelled interstate with my two-legged child. As is the way with these things, when the parents are away Grandma is called on to mind the baby. No-one is in any doubt that the care given is up to the usual standard but that isn't the point. It's not so much what's done as who is doing it. I'm told Rumple sat by the garage door for a sizable portion of the evening believing the car would be pulling in any time and when we did come home this morning the greeting was most heartwarming and enthusiastic. That's the thing about dogs, they wear their hearts on their sleeves. So this afternoon, he led the way on the walk and determined we should go to Dutton Park Dog Park overlooking the Eleanor Schonell Bridge. We stayed far longer than we might otherwise simply because it only seemed fair.

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