Friday, February 21, 2014

February 21. Day 52. Life in the fast lane

If time flies when you are having fun I must be having a rip snorting good time. It is true that things seem to be a bit of a blur most of the time but I'd be okay with a slightly more leisurely, less frantic pace.
How the bloody hell did it get to the last week of February? It may be a short month but seriously it feels like we are being short changed more than a few days. I reckon this energy-sapping heat and humidity is robbing everyone of the ability to keep things including time in the proper perspective. It is certainly robbing everyone in my sphere of influence of their sense of humour. So after a day hiding in the air conditioning I decided we needed to get out of the house under the cover of darkness. And not only was it a good deal cooler than it had been all day but we actually got wet from stuff falling from the sky. It's not what the camera likes but I reckon it was awesome. The gamble paid off (and I didn't even set foot in the Casino pictured). For me, Friday in the fast lane is about the same pace as the Brisbane City Council bus blurring the foreground. When things are kind of pedestrian even a bus seems to be moving at pace.

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