Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3. Day 34. Delicate little petal

If I was a contestant on Survivor, I would probably look at this flower I almost stepped on in the Roma Street Parklands today and consider how well it has stored the water from the brief rain shower this morning. I might even be sipping that water, or consulting my vast knowledge of edible plants and deciding whether or not I could eat the bloom.
But the fact that I stepped over it and thought only that it was a little sad that it would wither up and die any time now says quite a lot about me. I find it hard to see the roses without imagining the thorns.
Fact is I am a delicate little petal who would survive about 20 minutes on Survivor. Actually, that's about 20 minutes more than I would survive on Big Brother where one or other of the contestants would make me want to hit him or her and I'd storm out. Spend those 20 minutes with me and you would know I was never a Girl Guide. No fire building, no rope tying, no ability to put up a tent. Actually, I have no desire to put up a tent either. That's why God invented five stars hotels. So yes, I do love the great outdoors but I have no desire to live in them. Like I said, a delicate little flower that often feels like she's been plucked.

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