Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February 5. Day 36. As the lights come on

 If my life was a cartoon, twice today I had moments where a lightbulb would have appeared above my head signifying a great revelation. Moment one was when the haze of general anaesthetic wore off and the first thing, the very first thing, I did was reach for my phone. Jolly nice of them to leave it at arm's length. It's a shame, I am completely lacking in an ability to keep technology at arm's length. And you know what all that tweeting that I was conscious did was alert my teen to the fact. So in the recovery room I actually took a call asking where the history book was. Some people know no boundaries (And for the record that person is me).
The second light bulb moment was just as the lights came on in the city. There were very few people standing around at South Bank because it was windy and rainy and quite frankly just not that pleasant.
But no rain, no wind and no post anaesthetic hangover was going to stop me. I'd promised myself and the fur friend we would walk before dinner and it had to be. And since I was there anyway, I really had to wait for the light to be right, didn't I? Well actually no, I didn't. Seriously Susan it might be time you saw the light and tried just a little bit of moderation for a change.

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