Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February 11. Day 42. Lying down on the job

My cupboards are full of useless gadgets, Actually, that's not true. Each and every one of those gadgets has a use - often a very specific use such as cutting vegetables in floral designs - it's just that they are never put to this use. My kitchen, like the road to hell, is paved with good intentions. For the most part these labour-saving, spur-of-the-moment purchases are hidden out of sight and out of mind. But there is one that stands as a constant reminder of the gap between what I thought I would do and the reality of what happened. The treadmill. There it is. Sitting idle in the corner of the living room enjoying a prime view over the university of Queensland.  But while it is idle it is not actually useless. Apparently it makes quite an awesome dog bed - well so it ought to be awesome given how much it cost. It's not that I mind the Rumple and our temporary boarder The Fed using the treadie. It's just that the least they could do is actually have a jog on it. I'm perfectly capable of lying down on the job myself.

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