Saturday, February 15, 2014

Februay 15. Day 46. Froth and bubble

A bloke on the radio today was talking about Imposter Syndrome. Apparently it's this thing where you believe you are out of your depth and conning he world and eventually you are going to be exposed. That's a syndrome? I thought that was just called life. I'm sure at one time or other everyone feels like that. Some days you just fake it until you make it. If you look the part and act the part for long enough eventually you will convince not only everyone else but yourself. Well that's my theory. And most of the time it works. Today, not so much. I had this grand plan. Armed with the tripod, a couple of lenses, the shutter release and all the gadgets in the world I marched into the city at night with a very clear vision of what I intended to photograph. I looked for all the world like I knew what I was doing except for one small thing. No camera. It was at home sitting on the kitchen bench of no use to anyone. And it was too late to go home and get it or really construct anything else meaningful. So you get the froth and bubble that mostly I think I deserve. The thing is, it might be fool's gold but I really don't mind it. Yep, I'm a great pretender

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