Friday, February 14, 2014

February 13. Day 44. You have to laugh

I went out on a school night. I know. Revolutionary. Reading this anyone would think I was in my 80s not in my very, very late twenties thirties. But the truth is that while I am big enough and ugly enough to go out any time I want, bitter experience had taught me that too much mid week partying and I will pay. Let's be clear here. I'm not even talking about drinking cocktails until the sun comes up. I'm talking about a night at the theatre and then straight home dodging even the after party (well almost. I did grab a rather delicious lamb pie on my way out. There's no need to be silly about this).
So I might pay but I reckon a bit of comedy and a good belly laugh is worth the risk. And Cosi was a jolly good belly laugh. At times the play at La Boite generated cackles that reminded me of the performance the kookaburra outside my home this afternoon. It's pretty infectious. You've got to laugh.


  1. Lovley shot, he looks very happy sitting there #project365

  2. i cannot go out on a school night anymore withiout suffering and by that i mean a weekend because every day is a school day for me being a FT SAHM! maybe i am just out of practise!
    lovely markings on that pretty bird x

  3. Fantastic pic of little birdy :)

  4. Great photo - hurrah for a night out!