Tuesday, February 4, 2014

February 4. Day 35. On reflection

You know what? Getting older totally sucks. You know what else? It beats the alternative.
When you get to my age some medical practitioner or other seems to want to have a closer look at one of your bits and pieces.
On a two-year cycle, the boobs are bashed, cold bits of metal scrape the privates and, in my case at least, the colonoscopy.
This last one is by a very long shot the most hideous of all. It supposedly tests for changes in the bowel but in fact it is a much bigger test of will power. "Voluntarily" drinking litres of drain cleaning fluid that quite frankly tastes and smells as bad as the stuff it is meant to flush is a true test of endurance. I find it is also a fine example of my inability to measure the passage of time. It is simply not possible that two years has passed since the last time I had to go through this. And yet they have. Isn't time supposed to make you forget? I pondered all this as I walked with the fur friend building up the resolve to take the first sip of the "prep". Yes, it totally sucks but it sucks even more to die of bowel cancer in your 40s. That's what happened to my Dad's sister and that, along with my own chronic bowel disease, is why I have to keep fronting for these procedures. On reflection, there are a lot of things far worse than the colonoscopy. I'll drink litres of drain cleaner to that. Bottom's up.
*Decided to go with this image on the theme of reflection and getting a closer look rather than the actuality because frankly no-one needs to see that.

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