Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1. Day 60. On reflection

I used to think Miss Piggy had it totally sorted when it came to dietary advice. Forget counting kilojoules, cutting out carbs, only eating fruit, never eating fruit or any new fad diet plan. Miss Piggy's diet motto was simple "Never eat more than you can lift". I thought that was perfection until I saw the Beagle pup eat. When he could stand it no more he would lie down either in his food or water bowl and continue the consumption. Genius. I'm not sure the staff at the Sizzler salad bar would let me lie down and shovel but it's sure worth a go. However, the new amendment to the Miss Piggy Plan has another limitation and it is this. I have become accustomed to applying the plan to things other than diet in particular my approach to market shopping. In order to curb spending at the markets I remind myself that it is quite a long walk home and almost all of it is up a high hill. This is one situation where you really must remember apply limits according to what you can lift. So while others stock their baskets with mountains of fresh produce I do not. The sacks of potatoes may be fresh and healthy but they would likely kill me on the way home. Little things that shine in the sun such as necklaces and sunglasses, however, present no such problems. They are low fat and best of all low in weight.; The only possible health risk can easily be avoided by paying in cash so there is no credit card evidence. On reflection, Miss Piggy may have had it right.

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