Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 29. Day 88. Top brass

There are so, so many reasons I love living in Australia.
Today, let me tell you just one. Drama Teen and I spent Saturday afternoon at the Queensland Performing Arts Complex seeing a matinee performance of The Scottish Play. We emerged into the bright sunlight at South Bank to find the cultural forecourt area swarming with military personnel. Canons were lined up aimed a the city. Not for a second, not even a second, was I scared. Ours is country where you can go about your daily business never concerned that armed conflict is but a heart beat away. We are at peace. So filled with curiosity we walked over to have a look and ask a few questions of the building crowd. Turns out the 1st Regiment Band from the Gallipoli Barracks was preparing to mark its 60th anniversary with a performance of the 1812 Overture complete with live canon fire. Sounded awesome but with the day's calendar already oversubscribed we had to move on before the fun began. And that's another reason I love living where I live. I can stay and watch our military might, or choose not to. It doesn't matter either way. Yes, Australians all let us rejoice.

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