Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 25. Day 84. Something in the water

There was something in the water today - literally. For about a decade, I've been a pool owner. In that time the water has been lizard free (not reptile free. There was that one time I put my hand into the skimmer box to remove leaves and nearly died when a snake swam out. Scared the **** out of me). Anyway, this afternoon a blue tongue lizard was spotted looking not all that well in the pool. So I went down to fish it out. On pool deck I decided I had been confused. It must have been a bearded dragon lizard I had seen. Then I realised it was both. I further discovered that
1) bearded dragons are quite proficient at both swimming and getting out of the pool
2) the blue tongue is not so adept at getting out of the pool
3) My dog does not like either to be in the pool area. He went bat shit crazy. The blue tongue responded with a fair bit of hissing and poking of his blue tongue. The bearded dragon puffed itself up but generally couldn't have given a toss.
I'm not sure why the animal life around my place would choose the first day of meaningful rain to decide to get wet but good luck to them. As long as the snakes keep out of the filter box I'll be okay.

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