Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 15. Day 74. The luck of the Irish

Perhaps it is because I have no particular fondness for either Guinness or potatoes that I struggle to understand just what's so lucky about the Irish. The country is beautiful to be sure to be sure and it has no snakes which is a bonus but that isn't of itself exceptionally lucky. In any event you would have to think that the luck applies to the people not the country given just how many of them have left the Emerald Isle and are living just about everywhere else in the world. Australia, like the US, is particularly Irish and there's a great deal of green blood in my veins. If the turn-out for the annual St Patrick's Day Parade in Brisbane is anything to go by the city is packed with people who either
a) see themselves as Irish
b) enjoy being out in the sun and cheering a parade
c) like the colour green
d) will take any excuse to drink Guinness or
e) all of the above.
For whatever reason the city was a sea of green today as  the lucky people celebrated being in the lucky country. There's nothing Irish about that.


  1. What fun photos! Looks like a great celebration

  2. What a colourful celebration - I'm sure it was great fun, fab photos as usual. Thanks for linking up and thanks for sharing with Country Kids.