Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11. Day 70. Remember the days of the old school yard?

Remember the days of the old school yard? Yes, I do actually which is why I can look my son in the eye and put my hand on my heart and tell him that I absolutely do not expect him to be just like me.
Sometimes when there is a "discussion" about how much home work should be undertaken, the suggestion is put that because I was a very diligent student I would expect others to be the same. Pur-lease. What others may call diligent I now remember only as neurotic, obsessive and driven. Academic success wasn't one measure of a good student it was the only measure, in my mind at least. Which is why I enjoy volunteering at the annual open day at The Teen's school. Sure there is a sense of fun that isn't there every school day but there is also a showcase of the many and varied activities boys can pursue at school. Some are very academic. Many are not and each is valued equally. The aim of the school is to produce good people not just good students and surely that's what we want for our kids. To be fair, that was probably also the aim of my school it just got lost in translation. It's taken rather a lot of years but I think it is a lesson I have now learned. All I need to do now is remember to put it into practice. That can be my homework.

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