Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3. Day 62. Warning. Don't feed the animals

Don't let the colourful coat fool you. The real key is in the beady little eyes, the flared nostrils, the sharp beak and the way the claws are out and gripping on for grim death. It goes like this. It's best to show caution if I'm tired or if I'm grumpy. If I'm both there should be a warning such as those you might see at the zoo warning to keep a distance and not to feed the animals. (actually in my case the warning might be slightly different: Do Not Approach Unless Bearing Chocolate).
The tired and grumpy cycle is one that feeds off itself. The more weary I am, the grumpier I become. Once wound up and grumpy, sleep becomes difficult and thus I get more tired and more grumpy. And so it goes. Eventually under a weight of extreme fatigue sleep comes. In the meantime wearing bright colours, troweling on make-up and plastering on a smile disguises a magnitude of sins (almost). But as in nature, the bright colours normally  signal a need for caution. Don't say you weren't warned.

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