Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28. Day 87. Where's Wally?

I'm not sure where he gets it from but Drama Teen rather enjoys the school debate (the fact that he has been arguing the point almost from the time he exited the womb may have something to do with it). In any event, this week the Queensland Debating Union topic was that Charity Mugging Should Be Banned. That's even a topic? Accosting people as they go about their normal business is abhorrent and should not be allowed, especially not in the name of charity. Besides, there are many more feel good ways of earning a charity dollar and today that was on display at South Bank were hundreds of people were dressed in nothing more than their Budgie Smugglers to go for a run and raise money for YoungCare. Children, high school groups and corporates stripped down to their smalls to dash six kilometres and raise some much needed dollars on the way. Surely it is better to be prepared to put in the hard yards (and dress like a character from Where's Wally?) and to work to gain sponsors than to badger, guilt and harass to earn a charity buck.
Sure charities need money to carry on their good works but they need to be charitable about it. Well done YoungCare and all those who took part. (For the record, Drama Teen's team was affirmative and they won. Like I said, there really is no debate ...)


  1. Wow, that's some charity run!

    I'm in agreement over the charity reps in the street, especially when they don't know who they've already accosted and so you get approached more than once on the same shopping trip. #countrykids

  2. yup hate charity muggers but love events like this one - not that I would run in a bikini ;-)

  3. Pah to the charity reps but what a fun event brilliantly captured! A great bunch of grown ups with plenty of Country Kids spirit in them!

    1. The nice thing about this event was there were lots of school groups taking part and they were not the aggressive charity mugger types. They were all there for the right reasons

  4. Fabulous! Hate charity muggers, love this :) #CountryKids

  5. Charity muggers are what they are muggers and I am scared of them. Why cant just people do this and charity wont have a bad name.


  6. Looks like a lot of fun! Running in hardly any clothes in a planned event - far better than mugging people in the street for money for charity! #CountryKids