Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24. Day 83. Lump in my throat

As someone who has worked in the media all my adult life, I am well aware of the accusations that the media focuses on bad news too much. I am also aware that with the deluge of such bad news stories it is easy for journalists to become a little hardened, a little immune and a little cynical about news stories that should make your stomach churn - even if it is only for self protection. Even with all the bad news going on occasionally stories cut through the noise and really touch you. Anything that involves violence and children immediately has that impact and cruelty to animals also strikes a chord. You can help but feel sad and mad and sick all in equal measure. I felt those same emotions when I walked through Albert Street Park this afternoon past a memorial erected in honour of a Eunji Ban, a 23-year-old Korean woman who had been in Australia for just six weeks on a youth exchange program when she was murdered in November. As I read the hand written notes and looked at the gifts left at the memorial I felt overcome. It all just seems so unfair. An adventure of a lifetime should not end like this. One can only hope that Eunji's family takes some comfort in the gifts and thoughts left by strangers. A really unimaginably awful thing happened to this young woman in Australia. One can only hope that her family knows that Australians share in her grief. May she rest in peace.

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