Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 18. Day 77. Dance like everyone's watching

If I was on a reality TV show it would be something like:
Big Mother or
Australia's Got No Talent or even
So You Know You Can't Dance.
It's true, I can't dance. It's also true I really wish I could. I love the obvious joy dancing brings to people. But when you have two left feet, you have two left feet.Biology is destiny
I used to think there was something beautiful about the saying "Dance like no-one watching" and I guess there is but the truth is there is also something delightful in knowing everyone is watching but not giving a toss because you don't only THINK you can dance you know it. And that's what I saw at the Zumba class at South Bank this afternoon. People who could dance and people whose moves were a little, well, suspect but there was a joy in their dancing just the same.

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