Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 19. Day 78. A spot of brown nosing

It is a dog's life.
I reckon dogs have it sorted and, in fact, they have the good end of the deal.
Rumple's day goes much like this. Wake when the alarm clock goes off and look up from the pillow. Respond or not depending on how he's feeling. Roll over to have a tummy tickle. Go back to sleep for a bit. Eat breakfast. Go back to sleep for a bit. Bark at a few people walking down "his" street. Go back to sleep for a bit. Drop a ball at someone's feet and play a spot of fetch. Get a treat, go back to sleep for a bit.
Duties involve unconditional love, guard dog duties, lying around being cute and nagging one's owner into daily exercise. Modelling duties attract a bonus payment of additional treats. Yep, it's pretty much perfect except for one small detail and that involves interaction with other dogs. Humans tend to engage in a series of social niceties with strangers. Dogs sniff each other's bums, hump each other and then do the running around. No-one even offers to buy a drink. Okay, it's honest but ...
I mean really, there has to be some middle ground. Bum sniffing brown nosing has it's place (staff meetings for example) but having to do it every time you leave the house is a bit of overkill. Still, if it meant I could spend the rest of the day lying around having my tummy tickled ....

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