Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26. Day 331. Watch your mouth

Back in my youth, the opportunities for take away food were far more limited than what we "enjoy" today.
Friday night generally equalled fish and chips. Other than that there were only really two options:
1) The finger lickin' good chicken created with 11 different herbs and spices. Back then we were so unsophisticated we actually referred to it by its full name not realising that just initials are far trendier.
2) Chinese food. The chicken chow mein was a particular favourite although any similarity between this dish and anything ever served in China was strictly coincidental.
Take away was a rare treat and nothing was going to stop me from having my share on those occasions it was offered. As such, I continued to deny any link between the Chinese food and the inevitable asthma attack that would follow.
"No mum, the MSG is not making me wheeze. It's pollen, stress, dust, exercise, my siblings, anything but the Chinese food."
Of course I am older and wiser now (as are the makers of Chinese food which is pretty much an MSG-free zone). So I would not knowingly eat things that would make me feel bad. I watch what I put in my mouth..... Nope, like the crows on top of this industrial bin at West End this morning I am at times a bit of a garbage guts.
Truth is I was feeling disgusting. After repeated doses of antibiotics had upset my inner workings, my wise dietitian suggested a temporary diet eliminating such things as wheat, legumes and mushrooms to restore balance.
I did so and was feeling great - until yesterday.
At my lovely niece Cleo's birthday breakfast about 17 different diet crimes were committed and today I am paying for each slice of bread, each pancake, each mushroom, each baked bean and doubtless the sausages as well.
There were plenty of things on offer I could have safely eaten but ....
If you are what you eat I seriously hate to think what that makes me. In future I will watch my mouth


  1. When I was growing up there was no such thing as take away containers and we had to take our saucepans and lids to the Chinese where there was not only Chicken chow mein , Fried Rice with green peas but that Sweet and Sour Pork concoction with lashings of Golden Circle Pine Pieces... Oh thank you forthe memories

  2. brilliant capture!! i love seeing your photos each week x

    1. Thanks. I admit I was particularly proud of this one. I din't realise what I had until I downloaded them

  3. Interesting shot to get - I wonder why they were feeding each other.

  4. Great shot - and a very true cautionary tale to go with it x

  5. Excellent capture. It's all in the timing

  6. great pic, so detailed and clear. I never heard of a chinese when I was growing up, though I do mind my dad going off to work in a wimpy one night a week, though we never had any bought for us.

  7. As always an amazing photo! We never had takeaway growing up either, eating out was at the local pub I'd we were lucky. The food intolerance thing must be tricky, my OH is lactose intolerant and he often eats stuff he knows he shouldn't even though it maks him poorly!

  8. Susan I have no idea how you manage to get such amazing photos; you're so patient!

    Thanks for linking up