Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4. Day 309. Cheerleaders

Chef, nurse, teacher, cleaner, You know the score. As a mother, you have to be a jack of all trades (and I fully confess I am not a master of any).
But as I see it, one of the most important jobs is cheerleader. You are always there on the sidelines encouraging, motivating, screaming your appreciation. The game may be lost but your commitment to the cause never waivers. Win or lose, you love them unconditionally. You are the mascot for team MyKid and you take that job really, really seriously.
I admit I can not do a back flip like the members of the East Coast Allstars who were putting their cheerleading skills to good use in the pools at South Bank today. But I would bend over backwards and tie myself in knots for my cause.
Given my enthusiastic but unattractive cheerleading, I was full of admiration for these young people.
The teens from Newcastle were in Brisbane for yesterday's 2012 cheerleading Australasian Majors at Chandler where they picked up two seconds.
They didn't let the fact that the competition was over and the prizes had been awarded stop them as you can see from this photo of 15-year-old Siarn Williams.
Which kind of made me wonder. Who is cheering on the cheerleaders?
Don't worry, the kids told me. Siarn's mum is just over there


  1. would not fancy that myself, but they seem to be enjoying it

  2. Wow that is enjoying the outdoors lifestyle at its best. Another amazing capture and a good point well made. We are all champions for Team My kid! Thank you for sharing on Country Kids

  3. amazing capture as always. you always have your camera ready and waiting at the right moment x

  4. OMG wow! You seem to mix with a lot of very talented young people - as there's no way I could do that!

    Great shots as usual.

  5. Wish my teenage years looked like that. Great shot ;-)

  6. I love your action shots, they're perfect! Do you go and talk to the people after to find out their information?

    Thanks for linking

    1. Yeah, After the shot, I show them what I've taken, offer to email them a copy and ask permission to use it on the blog. More natural photos if you ask forgiveness afterwards rather than permission before hand.

  7. You always manage to find the most amazing things to photograph! Brilliant shot, certainly looks like fun

  8. Very daring backflips going on there! And you've captured them perfectly!

  9. Oh to be young and fearless again. Brilliant pictures

  10. Great photos. Not sure I'd want to try it..