Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14. Day 319. Eclipsed

The men in my life didn't stand a chance.
Neither is normally an early riser. Neither shows the slightest interest in anything astronomical.
But I ordered them eclipse glasses and warned them they would be watching Eclipse 2012.
Here is Brisbane we didn't get a total eclipse but 83 per cent is a pretty good feat of nature and my husband and son WERE NOT going to miss it.
As always, mother knows best. The verdict was that it was well worth the effort (even if  they will be happy to wait until 2037 for the next one in our part of the world).
Dead impressive if you ask me.
All the modern technology in the world can't match Mother Nature when it comes to beauty.


  1. Loving their expressions (and the glasses).

  2. So right Susan, mother nature creates the most impressive sights! I remember the last total eclipse here so clearly, spell binding! Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.