Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28. Day 333. Hang on!

I've put my credit card in a safe place. A very safe place. The type of place that's so safe that even I can't find it.
This is not a new tactic to curb Christmas spending but yet another example of dopey behaviour on my part.
Still that's not the worst of it. The worst of it is that five separate direct debits come from that account and that's five businesses that have to be notified of the new card number.
Being put on hold five times by companies who insist my call is important to them is my idea of hell.
The flames leap higher when I am eventually answered by an overseas call centre where finding a common language in which to communicate appears too much to ask. Inevitably in such situations I find myself talking slower and/or louder and/or using hand gestures in equally futile attempts to be understood.
To try and avoid the hours of hanging on blood rushing to my head like this piece of art outside the State Library, I attempted a new approach. I would drop into their stores in person.
Stop one the phone company where apparently they can't take payment details in store. They gave me the phone with the overseas call centre on the other end of the line ... Epic fail.
Stop two the health insurance company where I was advised there would be a long wait and really I should go home and update my details on the computer.
Clearly the idea of customer service centres has nothing to do with serving customers. Silly me.
Will try again tomorrow, tackling the issue feet first.

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