Friday, November 23, 2012

November 23. Day 328. Santa still sleighs 'em

I still remember so fondly the big family outing into "town" to see the Christmas windows.
In those days it was always town never the city and a rare visit at night generally meant dinner at Mama Luigi's. That was as close to proper spag bol as it got. But I digress.
The Christmas windows. What delight at seeing pages of a story book come to life in all-singing, all-dancing technicolour glory. Kids would line up little fingers on the glass as their parents read to them.
Of course back in those days no-one decorated their houses and the shops weren't filled with their own versions of dancing Santa to take home.
So it would be easy to imagine that the Christmas windows were an idea whose time had gone. From what I saw in the City today that's not the case. Little kids were still lined up wide eyed peering through the glass as their parents read to them. It's nice to know the Spirit of Christmas is alive and well.

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