Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 6. Day 311. The Cup

This is how is starts. When my son was about five I had a big win on the Melbourne Cup. When I say big I mean the type of big you get for a $2 each way bet. Totally huge, like about $100 huge.
Anyway I immediately "invested" my winnings on a new pair of shoes.
That night over dinner the discussion was about the Cup, the win and the shoes.
A couple of days later at the shops the boy wanted me to buy him something. I declined saying we didn't have the money.
He paused for a moment and then in five-year-old logic said: "I know how you can get some money. Bet on a horse race!" Ouch.
The messages we send without meaning it.
Anyway I have made totally sure that he is made equally aware of the years of loses since.
Like so many Australians, the only time I go into a TAB or pay the slightest attention to the GGs is on Cup Day.
To be honest, the track happenings at Flemington are a sideshow for the main event: the cup lunch, sweep and the excuse to wear an insane hat.
Today my work colleague Ann and I went to a cafe in West End. It was empty but for one other group Janine, Claire (obscured) and Vlad who work around the corner.
The big screen and small crowd meant we got to see and hear all the action.
I'd rather prefer I hadn't.
Let's just say there will be no new shoes this year.

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