Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29. Day 334. You light up my life

Australians are often critical of our slavish devotion to American culture and our sponge-like willingness to soak up everything that happens in the great US of A.
It has to be said that there are times that some things that happen in America are best left in America and taking them on is to the detriment of our own culture.
At times ... but not always.
When I was growing up in Brisbane no-one decorated their houses with lights other than perhaps a string of fairy lights in the window.
I would look at Christmas movies out of the States with their extravagantly decorated homes with a mix of admiration and amazement.
And then it started happening here and now our displays of illuminated Christmas spirit are up there with the best I've seen overseas.
Every year we pack the car and take a night time road tour to check out the best of them and tonight I visited my first for the year the Ashgrove home of my friends Shane, Elizabeth, William and Charlie Oliver.
Spectacular isn't it?
I love their low voltage flashing animated displays so much I am almost tempted to deck out our house - almost. And then I remember that last year it took me three hours just to untangle the strands of lights needed for our tree and the attraction fades just a bit. The light bulb in my head goes out completely when I recall that I have to call in a handyman to change the downlights.
Sorry neighbours but you will never get more than a string of fairy lights in the window from me. If it helps I'll share a map of my best lighting display finds.
Merry Christmas.

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