Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9. Day 314. All in a day's work

First thing this morning my name was Sofie and I had gestational diabetes. By morning tea time I was Coral and I had high cholesterol.
Before you start searching the telephone directory for an expert in multiple personalities, I should clarify that I was role playing as part of a practical exam for student dietitians.
Universities are strange and unpredictable places. There are so many weird and wonderful things going on. Having an open mind is a very good idea.
And there are always colourful characters just hanging around. This week abseilers have been tethered to the side of our building scraping the giant canvas clean.I can only imagine what it's like from where they hang but from inside the building it feels like you are working in a tin can and someone has just fired up the electric can opener.
When this was taken around lunch time they were working on the very bottom corner of the wall  so I presume the cleaning process was about to come to an end.
Goodness knows what happens next. Bring on Monday morning.

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  1. each to their own, but that is not a job for me. dont do looking down from heights