Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2. Day 307. Sinking fund

One of the best tricks I ever played was to have an in ground pool installed without telling any of my extended family. And then we invited them over on Christmas Eve, the day after the pool was declared ready to go. We had gifts of bathers and towels for every one and the looks of surprise and awe was worth all the slinking around in the previous three months.
I like to pretend that the pool went in for the boy but the truth is the pool is my toy and when we moved house, a pool was pretty much top of the much-have list.
I love looking at the pool. I love lying by the pool. I mark assignments floating on a pool chair.
It is true that they can be costly little buggers. There are times when it feels like you have to have a sinking fund and keep sinking funds into it. Just this week there was the $1300 chlorinator but I think the cost is so totally worth it.
It has been put to me that you could take the money invested in the pool and buy yourself some pretty awesome resort holidays at places with pools.
Yeah but I want my own. I want privacy. I want exclusive use and most particularly I don't want to risk the fact that strange women with big lenses will photograph me when I dive in.
So apologies to this gent swimming in the glass-sided pool at IStay River City in the Brisbane today.
But I love the view you get crossing the road. I can only imagine what they view was like from his angle.
Reckon it would be worth taking the plunge to find out.

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  1. Fascinating angle, I don't think I know that pool.