Friday, November 30, 2012

November 30. Day 335. Poison

Some people are poisonous.
I think it would take a wicked person to deliberately kill a beautiful old tree and yet that's exactly what has happened to this Moreton Bay Fig Tree in West End.
A sign on the tree says the vandalism of the Brisbane City Council tree is being investigated and  that interfering with protected vegetation is a serious offence.
One can only hope that the person or persons responsible get what's coming to them.
In the meantime, tree doctors have been in and covered the external roots with bright orange protective tubing. It is unclear (at least to me) if these are to protect the tree from further damage or to protect people walking along the busy footpath from injury from damaged roots.
In any case, people are finding their way of showing their love for the tree.
A week or so ago the words "Kiss me please" appeared on one of the tubes and today I noticed two crocheted hearts had now been hung on the tree.
Let's hope that's enough to save the tree and that karma, if not the law, catches up with whoever is responsible.

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