Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11. Day 316. Remembrance Day

When you are nine months old it's not possible to digest the idea of Dad serving overseas in the Australian Air Force in Middle East and in East Timor. You can, of course, have a real go at digesting his service medals.
Little Marcus Lord joined Dad Rodney and Mum Melissa at the Remembrance Day service in Brisbane today.
Young folk made up a sizable proportion of the crowd gathered at the ceremony at the Anzac Memorial at 11am.
Almost not there was the Governor Penny Wensley who was stuck in traffic and was delayed. As a result the actual commemoration bore little resemblance to the published program.
Importantly, however, just before 11am the Last Post sounded and then the crowd fell silent.
In the distance the sounds of the city at work could still be heard.
It's such a shame that we can't stop for even a minute to remember the sacrifice of those who have fought in war.
As someone much wiser than me said, those who don't learn from history are condemned to relive it.
Let's hope for little blokes like Marcus that people do learn. Lest We Forget.