Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22. Day 327. Cruel to be kind

Not all that long ago, the Grand Arbour at South Bank Parklands was looking just a bit sad.
The bougainvillea has been pruned back rather savagely leaving no blooms and was not a lot more than dry looking twigs.
Look at it now.  On reflection, it's bloomin marvellous again.
Sometimes a bit of tough love is required. You really do have to be cruel to be kind.
That's easy to say but implementing it in just the right measure is really tricky.
Being tough is as difficult on the person administering the punishment as it is on the subject, sometimes more difficult.
Yep, who'd be a parent? (Did I say parent? I surely meant gardener).
Either way, you'd have to say the results are worth the effort.

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