Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15. Day 320. Strictly for the birds

There's a bit of a theme emerging here. Photo after photo of some bird or other wide mouthed and squawking.
This morning it was on the riverbank in the cultural precinct near the Gallery of Modern Art where I spotted these  Welcome Swallows (I'm getting good at using the Big Book of Google to identify Brisbane birds aren't I?)
I'll call today's composition Homework Time. The young one is in full voice letting the older one have it.
Meanwhile, there's a patient and understanding stance from the older, wiser bird. It watches on  silently and stoically waiting for the squawking to let up. Just like my place at homework time (and if you believe that ....)
Truth is most of the squawking comes from me. I say I won't nag. I say that Mr 14 is big enough and ugly enough to live by the consequences of not doing what's set. I wait a bit and then I nag and nag and nag.
I'm sure one day he'll thank me. But for the moment, I have to say I'm kind of over the homework headache. I already did Year 9. I did pretty bloody well at it too as I recall so it makes no sense to worry about it all over again.
That type of behaviour is strictly for the birds.


  1. I do hate homework time, always such a relief when they just settle to it. Usually I find some outdoor time before hand helps. Love your photo, the details is great and your interpretation here.

  2. I love the photo, I spent ages trying to get a photo of some birds recently and just gave up as they wouldn't cooperate!

  3. That's a great photo. It definitely looks like they are having an argument about something!

  4. Beautiful photo. Yes having a teenage son does seem to require a lot of nagging. Mine is 17 and I seem to nag him more and more lately.

  5. Aww very cute picture. Birds have such attitude!

  6. Gorgeous photo. Not experienced homework time yet- just my daughter telling me how it is- yep, that's the pose!

  7. It is like the 'mum' is waiting for the tirade to stop. Great capture.

    Thanks for linking up

  8. love how you link pictures to what is happening in your life. Im with you I use to try not nagging....it works for a while...but every so often I would loose the plot and go a bit OTT.

  9. i feel i am nagging all the time!! *sighs*
    fantastic capture i love how you caught the little bird with its mouth open x