Thursday, November 1, 2012

November 1. Day 306. Pecking order

I'm not a violent person. At all. In fact, if I was to select a phrase which best describes my attitude to conflict it would be "anything for a quiet life".
I know this conflict avoidance is not always helpful. Sometimes things are not best left unsaid. Sometimes it really is better to put your cards on the table instead of assuming those around you are mind readers and know what is troubling you (Although by now my family should have come to realise that the silent treatment and over enthusiastic cleaning probably means they are in trouble. Big trouble). When that happens keep your distance.
Life is so much simpler if we learn those rules. Establish a pecking order, work out what role each of us is going to play so we don't have to keep going over and over old ground.
And learn when to back off and give each other space. These ducks in the City Botanic Gardens today exhibited over and over again what happens if you don't get the pecking order sorted.
The black duck's feathers were a little ruffled. As soon as any of the other ducks came within floating distance this is the reaction they got. Short, sharp and unmistakable. "Quack, quack get out of town".
If you are going to mess with someone make sure it's not this little black duck.
Time to take off and find a more peaceful section of pond. Anything for a quiet life, I say.

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