Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7. Day 312. You say tomato

In the past week my food intake has included paella, sushi, pad Thai and antipasto.
This is a world away from the Vegemite sandwiches hot from the port rack I had every day for lunch and the meat and two vege we had every night as children. (Thankfully it is also a universe away from my mother's meatloaf but that's another story).
How food has changed in a generation.
It is, however, a strange contradiction that as we turn further and further afield in our search for food inspiration we seem to be increasingly embracing a move to source the ingredients from closer and closer to home.
There are a growing number of community gardens in walking distance from my place. And many local folk are very upset that an application for an orchard just around the corner has been knocked back by council.
All this local "growth industry" is part of Brisbane City Council's food in the city program which encourages all of us to plant our own food.
I'm afraid growing things is not one of my specialties. Some people seem to be able to grow things with little or no effort at all which is about what it takes me to kill a plant of any description.
I can even kill things that spring up pretty much of their own accord like these cherry tomatoes peeking out from a fence on busy Gladstone Road.
If the owners want to get rid of them they know who to call. I'll be right over with my black fingers or a ham sandwich. Might be a shame to let it go to waste especially since food in the city is such a priority.

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