Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27. Day 332. What a star

Believe it or not I once nearly divorced my husband over Christmas Crackers.
Now people might understand the desire to take extreme action over the completely lame jokes or bizarre trinkets in the table decorations but even so divorce may seem a trifle over the top.
But it goes like this. I love Christmas and one year my husband announced that there would be no bon-bons on the table. No negotiations.
Over my dead body, I thought. Words such as Grinch and Scrooge may have been uttered. Bah humbug to that. He could take his turkey and stuff it. And so on. And so on.
It turned out, I meant those little tubes of joy that you pull to get a paper hat and the aforementioned goodies. He meant lollies and he was annoyed that in previous years people had filled up on sweets and not left room for the turkey. Something was lost in translation. Divorce papers withdrawn.
Still, I would totally take on anyone prepared to mess with Christmas. It brings out a big dose of child-like joy in me and one of the best bits is the ceremony of putting up the tree.
Under my strict rules, our tree will not go up until December 1 but because they have a large project I forgive the workmen in King George Square making a start on Brisbane's giant tree today.
I loved their attention to detail, giving the project the attention befitting such an important symbol of Christmas in our city.
A stellar performance even.

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