Monday, November 12, 2012

November 12. Day 317. Busy bee

My head is buzzing. There's this kind of background humming that says there's too much going on.
Like a bee, I feel like there's a lot of frantic flapping happening just to stay still and hold my ground. And all of the nectar I gather goes to feed someone else. Oh poor me.
BUT, and here's the BUT the rewards are coming for this little worker bee. There will be honey and honey I feel like I've earned it this year. Sweet.
In exactly one week and 37 minutes all my marks for the year have to be submitted. Then in terms of assessment at least it's all over red rover for another year.
Then I intend to be Queen Bee in my own little hive for a bit. According to that reliable source Wikipedia, The Queen Bee "is continuously surrounded by worker bees who meet her every need, giving her food and disposing of her waste". Watch out you drones, I will be a lady of leisure. *Note, I choose not to read the bit of the article that talks about the Queen Bee's role being mainly reproductive. I will be lying on my back a lot in the coming weeks but it will be reading a book  by the pool and not thinking of England!
But before I stop to smell the flowers there's still the small matter of that pile of assignments to mark and grades to collate. So buzz off and leave me alone. I have work to do. Bee nice while I'm away.

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