Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31. Day 244. In God We Trust

 It's a weird old thing. The only place where I am a Catholic these days is on paper (such as the census form which as we all know wasn't paper this time around but clearly should have been). I find myself in church only on occasions of weddings, baptisms or these days far more likely funerals. And yet the responses are still there ready to tip out of my mouth as readily as they did when I was a Catholic schoolgirl.
But when push comes to shove lapsed or otherwise the Catholic schoolgirl is still there. Once a Catholic, always a Catholic at least at some level. You're born to it and you die in it. This may be why I am so incredibly attracted to the story of Saint Mary's in Exile which will officially open tomorrow night. The story of a priest who followed his own faith and his own belief in social justice rather than the strict teachings of the church is compelling. It's a story about faith. It's a story of a David and Goliath battle but at its heart its a story about people. It's a secular story as much as it is a religious story or that's how it was sold at the media briefing this afternoon. I do love the opportunity to go behind the scenes before a play opens, to meet the cast and to get that sense of awe you feel when you first see a set, first see the actors on stage. To be able to do that twice is an honour indeed. It also gives you the opportunity to get inside the director's head and in this case that of the writer as well. And here's a scoop. Word on the street is that the current Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge has apparently decided to have a look. What I wouldn't give to get inside his head and see just what he thinks of the production. It's a question of faith.

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